Traveling to Lithuania and need a local SIM card? Getting Lithuania SIM cards for your phone is one of the best ways to stay connected while visiting the country. A Lithuania SIM gives you affordable mobile data, lets you make local calls, and helps you easily access maps, translators, and travel apps. Check the detailed guide below to learn all about getting a SIM card in Lithuania.

Lithuania sim cards

1. Should I Buy a New Lithuania SIM Cards for My Trip?

SIM card

There are several options to access the internet and stay connected for those visiting Lithuania.

  • Free Wi-Fi: Free Wi-Fi hotspots available in many public areas, including cafes, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, and tourist attractions. 
  • Mobile Data Roaming: It’s available to activate data roaming but it can be expensive.
  • Lithuania SIM Cards: Getting a local SIM card is highly recommended way to access the internet with some key benefits below:
    • Avoid High Roaming Charges 
    • Access Affordable Data
    • Make Cheap Local Calls
    • Work While Traveling

It may be fine to use roaming for short trips, but Lithuania SIM Cards is the most affordable and convenient option for longer stay.

2. Lithuania SIM Card Types – Which One is the Best for Tourists?

When looking for Lithuania SIM Cards, it comes across two options: Prepaid SIM card and eSIM.

Form Function Description
Physical SIM Data-Only SIM Provides mobile data services without voice calling capabilities. Ideal for internet connectivity.
Voice and Data SIM Offers both mobile data and voice calling services. Suitable for a balance of data and calls.
Tourist SIM Specifically designed for tourists with preloaded data, voice minutes, and additional benefits.
eSIM Data-Only eSIM Embedded SIM that offers internet connectivity without voice calling capabilities.
Voice and Data eSIM Embedded SIM providing both mobile data and voice calling services.
Tourist eSIM eSIM tailored for tourists with preloaded data, voice minutes, and additional benefits.

While prepaid SIMs provide great value and flexibility, eSIM is especially perfect choice if you need the flexibility to change plans.

3. How Much Data is Enough for a Prepaid Tourist SIM Card for Lithuania?

To answer for the question how much data is enough, take a look at useful guidelines below:

  • Light use (email, maps, some web browsing): 3-5GB of data for a short trip. Up to 10GB for a longer visit.
  • Moderate use (daily social media, streaming music, sharing pics): 5-10GB of data for shorter trips. 15-25GB for longer visits with lots of travel around the country.
  • Heavy use (streaming HD video, large file downloads): 10-15GB per week minimum. Power users may need unlimited data.

Note that many Lithuania SIM cards offer unlimited or high-speed data, but throttle speeds after you hit a certain data cap.

4. How Much Does Lithuania SIM Cards Cost?

Costs for getting prepaid Lithuania SIM cards are quite reasonable, especially compared to roaming rates from foreign providers. Here’s an overview of typical pricing:

  • SIM card purchase: Usually €1-5 EUR for the physical SIM card. Some providers offer it for free.
  • Activation: One-time activation fee of around €5-10 EUR. Sometimes included with SIM purchase.
  • Data bundles: You can get 2-5GB of 4G LTE data for around €5-15 EUR. Packages with 10-25GB cost €15-30. Unlimited data is €20-40 per month.
  • Calls/texts: Prepaid SIMs usually come with some included local minutes and texts. Calls to the US/Canada cost around €0.10-0.30 per minute. SMS texts are around €0.05 each.

Certain stores and kiosks also sell discounted prepaid SIMs targeted at tourists. So, shop around to compare prices! But rest assured that regardless of which SIM you choose, you’ll get excellent network coverage around Lithuania for an affordable rate.

SIM Card Type Price Range (USD)
Data-Only SIM $6 - $25
Voice and Data SIM $12 - $35
Tourist SIM $12 - $40
eSIM (Data-Only) $6 - $25
eSIM (Voice and Data) $12 - $35
eSIM (Tourist) $12 - $40

In total, expect to budget around €20-50 EUR to get set up with a great prepaid Lithuania SIM card for a longer visit. For shorter trips, you can get away with spending €10-20 EUR. Shop around to compare deals across providers.

5. Lithuania eSIM – Alternative to Physical SIM Cards

In addition to physical SIM cards, some providers in Lithuania offer eSIM plans. An eSIM is a digital SIM profile that is installed directly on your phone.

Some key benefits of using an eSIM for your Lithuania trip include:

  • No need to go to a store to swap SIM cards. Setup is easy online.
  • Ability to have multiple eSIM profiles on one device. Switch between local data plans easily.
  • eSIMs are reusable. No need to throw away plastic SIM cards after each trip.

Popular eSIM providers for travel include Airalo, BITĖ, Tele2, Telia. Just make sure your phone is eSIM compatible before getting an eSIM for Lithuania.

The convenience of eSIMs comes at a small premium. They are usually 25-50% more expensive than physical SIM cards. But frequent travelers may find the flexibility worth it.

Another Lithuania eSIM provider you should consider is, which offers several eSIM data plans for tourists. 

Explore Lithuania for a full week with fast 4G data – purchase the Lithuania eSIM 7 Days plan from now and you’re all set to discover the country’s best destinations seamlessly from day 1:

Stay connected in Lithuania for over 2 weeks without limits – choose from 1GB to 20GB of high-speed data with the Lithuania eSIM 15 Days plan:

6. Where to Buy Lithuania SIM Cards?

You have several options for picking up a Lithuania SIM card during your visit:

6.1. Where to buy physical Lithuania SIM Cards

  • Mobile Operator Stores: Visit the official stores or authorized retailers of mobile operators in Lithuania. They have physical stores where you can purchase SIM cards and get assistance in selecting the right plan for your needs.
  • Airport: If you prefer to have a SIM card ready upon your arrival, you can check if there are mobile operator kiosks or shops at the airport. 
  • Electronics and Mobile Phone Retailers: You can also find physical SIM cards at various electronics and mobile phone retailers throughout Lithuania. These retailers often carry SIM cards from different mobile operators, allowing you to choose the one that suits you best.
  • Convenience Stores and Supermarkets: Some convenience stores and supermarkets, such as Narvesen, Rimi, or Maxima, may have SIM cards available for purchase. It’s worth checking with the stores in your vicinity to see if they offer SIM card options.

6.2. Where to buy eSIM online

To buy eSIM online in Lithuania, you can visit the websites of mobile operators that offer eSIM services or third-party sellers like

Before buying eSIM, check your devices whether they are compatible with eSIM or not. Detailed in eSIM Compatible Device List.

Lithuania SIM Card store

7. How to Use Lithuania SIM Cards

Using your prepaid Lithuania SIM cards is straightforward once it’s activated:

  • Insert SIM: Turn off phone, locate SIM tray, gently insert SIM. Insertion guides for all phones can be found online.
  • Power on: Turn phone back on. Let it automatically configure carrier settings.
  • Check connectivity: Open browser or use speed test app to confirm mobile data is working. Visit SIM provider website if you encounter issues.
  • Recharge: When data starts running low, purchase top-up vouchers online or at stores & add directly to your account.
  • Setup apps: Download maps, translators, ride sharing, and other apps you’ll need with your new mobile number.
  • Call support: If you have any issues, each SIM provider has a support number – call them for troubleshooting help.

With an activated SIM in your phone, you can now use data affordably across Lithuania’s cities and rural regions. Enjoy the convenience of mobile connectivity!

8. Best Mobile Operators for Lithuania SIM Cards

Lithuania has a few major mobile network operators. Here are some top picks for reliable service and good prepaid SIM deals:

Mobile Operator Coverage Price Range for SIM Card (USD) Pros Cons eSIM Availability
Telia Nationwide coverage $5 - $20 Extensive coverage throughout Lithuania. Wide range of data plans. Good customer service Relatively higher prices compared to some competitors Yes
Bite Nationwide coverage $10 - $30 Reliable coverage in urban areas. Competitive pricing. Offers data rollover feature Network coverage may be weaker in rural areas Yes
Tele2 Nationwide coverage $10 - $35 Affordable data plans. Flexible packages and add-ons. Good value for money Network coverage may be weaker in remote areas Yes
Omnitel (Teo) Nationwide coverage $10 - $30 Good coverage across Lithuania. Competitive data plans Customer service may vary Yes
Lycamobile Nationwide coverage $5 - $20 Affordable SIM card prices. International calling options Network coverage may be weaker in some areas Yes
Labas Nationwide coverage $5 - $20 Affordable SIM card prices. Various data plans available Network coverage may be weaker in some areas No

The main operators in Lithuania are Bite, Tele2, and Telia. All of them typically have the broadest coverage nationwide. eSIM is now available from Bite, Tele2 and Telia but not Labas. Compare deals and reviews to find the right match. All major operators offer prepaid SIMs suitable for most travellers.

9. Tips for Saving Data for Lithuania SIM Cards

To make the most of your Lithuania SIM data allowance, here are some tips:

  • Disable data roaming: Only use data locally in Lithuania, not when visiting other countries. Roaming fees add up quickly.
  • Connect to WiFi: Whenever you have access to password-free WiFi at cafes or hotels, connect to it to use less mobile data.
  • Limit streaming: Streaming lots of music/video eats up data fast. Download content when on WiFi to save mobile data.
  • Low quality streaming: In your video/music apps, lower the playback quality to conserve data usage.
  • Auto app updates off: Disable auto updates for all apps over mobile data. Only update them when on WiFi.
  • Limit social media: You can burn through tons of data fast on apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Use them selectively.
  • Offline maps/translation: Download offline Google Maps and translation packs so you can navigate and translate without using mobile data.

Following these tips will help you easily stay under your prepaid SIM plan’s data allowance and avoid costly overages. Enjoy WiFi when available and be smart about streaming to take advantage of the great local connectivity across Lithuania.

10. FAQs

Do I need to show passport/ID to buy a SIM in Lithuania?

Yes, you’ll need to show your passport at local stores to register any new SIM purchase in your name. Some airport SIM desks may also ask to see ID.

Can I use a Lithuania SIM across the EU?

Your Lithuania SIM will work throughout the EU for calling/texting. But beware of costly data roaming charges if you use mobile data outside of Lithuania.

Are there Lithuania SIM card scams?

Stick to major operators like Tele2 and Bite for reliable service. Some corner shops may sell used/refilled SIMs – purchase directly from carrier stores or airport desks to avoid any shady sellers.

How long does a Lithuania SIM card last?

Most Lithuania prepaid SIMs remain active for 6-12 months as long as you top up periodically. Inactive SIMs usually expire after 3-6 months with no recharges.

Do I need to register my Lithuania SIM?

Yes, you need to show ID and provide your passport details to register any new SIM purchase in Lithuania. This helps carriers comply with local regulations.

11. Conclusion

A Lithuania SIM card is easy to get and offers an affordable way to stay connected across this Baltic nation. Avoid expensive roaming charges and access maps, travel apps, and social media with a local prepaid SIM. Simply purchase your prepaid Lithuania SIM card online or at local providers before your trip. Insert the SIM, top up your account, and enjoy having connectivity wherever you roam in Lithuania!