If you are traveling to Lithuania, you will need the internet to share the remarkable pictures you will take. Wondering which connectivity option is the best way? Telia SIM Cards and eSIM service are a reliable choice for tourists visiting Lithuania. Check the details in the comprehensive writing below.

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1. Quick Facts About Telia in Lithuania

Telia is a European mobile network operator providing services in Lithuania. Telia Lietuva is the only telecommunications company in Lithuania with a full scale offering of fixed and mobile telephony, broadband internet and television services. Here are some quick facts about Telia:

  • Founded in 1991
  • The full company name is Telia Lietuva, AB.
  • Excellent overall coverage with 4G LTE-A reaching 98% population coverage
  • Lead the 5G technology in Europe
  • Offer a range of mobile communication services
  • Frequencies and Technologies:
    • 2G/GSM 900/1800 MHz
    • 3G UMTS 900/2100 MHz
    • 4G/LTE 800/900/1800/2600 MHz (466Mbps top speed)
    • 5G NSA – 3500 MHz (700Mbps+ top speed)
  • Support eSIM
  • Prepaid Options: Telia PrePaid range: PrePaid 3GB, PrePaid 10GB, PrePaid Unlimited plans and more

Overall, Telia is a good choice for mobile users in Lithuania. It offers a wide range of mobile plans at competitive prices, and it has good network coverage. 

Telia mobile operators in Lithuania

2. Lithuania Telia Coverage and Speed

Telia has wide connectivity and the fastest mobile network download speeds in Lithuania.

2.1. Telia coverage in Lithuania

Telia coverage map

Telia coverage map

According to the Opensignal Mobile Network Experience Report for August 2022, Telia, along with BITĖ and Tele2, shares the Availability award, indicating that users did not observe any significant difference in network availability among these operators. The Availability score for Telia ranges from 95.9% to 97.9%.

According to independent speed tests, Telia averages 30-50 Mbps nationally. Their 4G LTE covers 98% of the population.

This level of coverage means you’ll get reliable service around nearly all parts of Lithuania with Telia. But as with any carrier, coverage may be weaker in extremely rural locations or inside buildings.

Their new 5G network using 3.5 GHz is also growing in major cities like Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda. However, 5G has limited reach for now.

Overall, for a traveler, Telia delivers reliably fast mobile data across Lithuania. Their connectivity makes Telia SIM Cards and eSIM is the top choice for a Lithuania mobile operators.

2.2. Telia speed

According to information from the Opensignal Mobile Network Experience Report for August 2022, 

  • Download Speed Experience: Telia holds the Download Speed Experience award, offering the fastest overall download speeds across all generations of mobile technology. Telia achieved a score of 63.8 Mbps, which is 19.9 Mbps (45.2%) faster than the second-placed operator Tele2.
  • Upload Speed Experience: Telia also won the Upload Speed Experience award, providing faster upload speeds compared to other operators. Telia achieved a score of 15.9 Mbps, which is 5.8 Mbps (57.2%) higher than BITĖ’s score.

Overall, Telia’s strong performance in coverage and speed categories indicates that it likely contributes to a positive overall user experience.

3. Telia Connectivity Options for Travelers to Lithuania

Telia gives visitors excellent connectivity deals matched with wide coverage across Lithuania.

Connectivity Option Pros Cons
Prepaid SIM Card Easy availability and setup Requires a compatible unlocked device
Local rates and affordable data plans Need to purchase and activate the SIM card
Flexibility to choose data packages May require manual APN configuration
No contracts or long-term commitments Limited coverage in remote areas
Can be topped up as needed Need to manage balance and validity
eSIM No physical SIM card required Limited availability on devices
Easy setup and activation Device compatibility may be limited
Convenient for travelers with eSIM support Limited coverage in remote areas
Can switch between different profiles May require additional fees or charges
No need to manage a physical SIM card Relatively new technology, limited support
Roaming Convenient for short trips Can be expensive
No need to switch SIM cards Limited data and potential roaming charges
Access to Telia's network Not suitable for long-term stays
Works with existing plan May have limitations on usage
Pocket Wi-Fi Connect multiple devices simultaneously Additional device to carry
No need to change SIM cards Rental fees and deposit may apply
Provides Wi-Fi coverage on the go Limited coverage in remote areas
Can be shared among travelers Requires charging and maintenance
Flexible data plans available May have limitations on data usage
Telia Free Wi-Fi Access to Telia's Wi-Fi hotspots Limited availability in some areas
No additional cost Requires finding and connecting to hotspots
Works with existing devices Speed and reliability may vary
Suitable for short-term use Limited coverage compared to mobile network

So, in summary, there have both Telia SIM cards and eSIMs voice+data plans and portable WiFi options for tourists.

4. Best Telia SIM Cards For Tourists & Cost

Telia has a variety of SIM card options for visitors depending on data needs and trip duration.

Plan Name Price (USD) Data Allowance Calling (domestic) Roaming Validity
Basic Plan $10 2GB 100 minutes No 30 days
Standard Plan $20 5GB Unlimited Yes 30 days
Premium Plan $30 10GB Unlimited Yes 60 days
Traveler Plan $50 15GB Unlimited Yes 90 days

Their main PrePaid SIM card line is most popular and cost effective for tourists. Pricing is decent for the high speeds and coverage you get relative to alternatives.

These tourist SIMs have a set data allowance you consume then speeds slow. Out-of-bundle rates are very expensive so allowances best suit lighter data requirements.

All Telia tourist SIMs include unlimited Lithuania calls and texts. EU roaming is also included with a decreasing allowance – starting at plan amounts.

Telia sim card

5. Does Telia Lithuania Support eSIM?

Yes, Telia offers prepaid eSIM plans for compatible iPhones and Android phones. These provide data service downloaded directly to your device – no physical SIM card required. But if you have an eSIM phone and want to try it, read on for details in eSIM Compatible Device List

They currently have two prepaid eSIM choices:

Telia PrePaid eSIM 3GB

  • Data: 3GB
  • Cost: €9
  • Validity: 30 days

Telia PrePaid eSIM 10GB

  • Data: 10GB
  • Cost: €19
  • Validity: 30 days

Speeds, networks, coverage, and bonuses like EU roaming work the same as regular Telia tourist SIMs. But eSIMs cost a bit more due to added convenience.

If you want to try eSIM from another providers, come over esimlithuania.net. They offer lots of eSIM data plans suitable for tourists needs with affordable prices. 

6. Where Can You Buy a Telia SIM Cards and eSIM?

It’s easy to find a Telia SIM card around Lithuania with wide availability:

6.1. Where to buy Telia SIM for Lithuania

  • Telia Stores: Visit a Telia retail store in Lithuania. Telia has numerous stores located throughout the country where you can purchase a SIM card directly from Telia representatives. 
  • Authorized Retailers: Telia SIM cards may also be available at authorized retailers, such as electronics stores, convenience stores, or mobile phone shops. 
  • Online: Telia SIM cards may be available for purchase through Telia’s official website. Visit the Telia website for Lithuania and look for options to buy SIM cards online. 
  • Airport: There is a Telia shop after arrivals at Riga airport to grab a SIM before crossing into Lithuania by road or rail. 

Buying directly from a Telia shop or their website will generally be cheaper than airport. But partner stores offer added convenience if needed early on.

6.2. Where to buy Telia Lithuania eSIM

  • Telia store – Get QR code for eSIM activation.
  • Telia app – Can generate eSIM QR code if you verify Lithuania payment details.
  • esimlithuania.net eSIM for Lithuania – A digital SIM provider that sends an eSIM QR code via email.
Telia SIM Cards and eSIM store

7. How to Activate Telia Lithuania SIM Card/eSIM

Activating Telia is quick whether you get their physical SIM card or eSIM.

7.1. Physical Telia SIM Activation

  1. Insert your Telia Lithuania SIM into your unlocked phone.
  2. Restart the device and the SIM will begin searching for network.
  3. You’ll then get a popup to configure your cellular settings and access point name (APN).
  4. Enter internet as the APN and save settings. The SIM should now connect and show signal bars.

You’ll then need to top-up enough credit to purchase your desired data plan (next section).

7.2. Telia Lithuania eSIM Activation:

  1. Order your Telia Lithuania eSIM plan online and check email for the activation code
  2. Go into Settings > Cellular Data menu and tap “Add Cellular Plan” on iPhone or the eSIM Manager on Android
  3. Enter the eSIM code provided and follow prompts
  4. A data plan will be pushed to your device shortly as the eSIM activates
  5. You may need to restart your phone to connect

Please check your detailed instructions below:

That’s it! Your Telia eSIM plan will be ready for internet access and local calls/texts.

8. Lithuania Telia Call & SMS Rates

All Telia tourist SIMs and international roaming plans include:

Call Type Rate (per minute)
National Calls (to Lithuania) $0.03 USD
International Calls (to select countries) Rates vary depending on the country.
Incoming Calls (in Lithuania) Free
SMS (to Lithuania) $0.03 USD
International SMS (to select countries) Rates vary depending on the country. 
Incoming SMS (in Lithuania) Free

9. Useful USSD Codes For Telia Lithuania SIMs/eSIM

You can check your SIM card’s credit and data balance by dialling the below USSD access codes:

  • *104#: Account Balance
  • *105#: Remaining Data Balance
  • *123#: Purchase Add-Ons & Special Offers

Enter the codes and hit call to trigger the info request.

Some additional Telia Lithuania USSD codes:

  • *111#: Customer Support
  • *222#: Voicemail
  • *888#: Call forwarding activation

10. How to Top Up Telia Lithuania SIM Card/eSIM

You have a set of options for adding more credit to Telia PrePaid SIM cards or eSIMs:

  • Online: Convenient online top-ups from €5 work well for both visitors and residents. Pay quickly by card and funds add instantly.
  • Telia Shops: In-person top-ups at Telia stores around Lithuania. Pay cash or card.
  • Retailers: Major outlets like Maxima let you top-up Telia at checkout or customer service desks. Some partner shops offer self-serve top-ups.
  • ATMs: Many Lithuania ATMs support mobile top-ups. 

You’ll receive a text when top-ups go through successfully. Then dial [USSD codes](

11. Alternatives to Telia Lithuania

While Telia leads for performance, you may also wish to consider:

  • Tele2: Fastest overall mobile speeds in recent tests. 
  • Bite: Focus on value plans and incentives over sheer performance. 
  • Lebara: Lebara operates as an MVNO using Telia’s network. Competitive rates for international travelers on budget.
  • esimlithuania.net: Provide eSIM data plans that allow you to be easy to stay connected in Lithuania.

Weigh their differences in speeds, coverage and costs for your trip needs. But generally, Telia strikes the best balance and reliability.

12. FAQs About Telia Lithuania

Does Telia offer 5G service?

Yes, Telia has launched 5G coverage using 3500 MHz spectrum in parts of Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and other areas. Speeds up to 700 Mbps available for capable devices. Still expanding.

Can I roam in the EU or Baltic States?

Yes, Telia Lithuania tourist SIMs and plans come with included roaming bundles for trips around the EU and nearby countries. Starting allowance matches your base data.

Do I need to show ID to buy Telia SIM card?

Typically, no ID is required for tourists to purchase Telia PrePaid SIMs, just payment. Postpaid contracts do require showing local ID.

Does Telia have good rural coverage?

As Lithuania’s top operator, Telia provides the most extensive connectivity outside cities relatively. But still expect slower speeds or drops to 3G in extremely remote country areas.

How do I check data usage?

You can check data balances by dialling Telia’s [USSD access codes] (useful-ussd-codes-for-telia-lithuania-sims-esim). For example, *105# shows remaining high-speed data. Works on both physical and eSIM.

13. Final Words

For reliable performance across Lithuania, Telia SIM cards and plans are a top choice for smooth travels. Their competitive tourist SIM pricing combined with strong coverage, high mobile speeds, EU roaming, eSIMs and good support options make Telia a convenient pick for all.