It’s quite difficult for travelers when finding the suitable network mobile using during their trip. Understanding that, inthis article, we give some information, and analyze network experience of main Lithuania mobile operators for tourists to make the best choice when visiting this country.

Lithuania mobile operators

1. List of Lithuania Mobile Operators

First of all, take a look at some information about Lithuania mobile operators.

1.1. Main Lithuania Mobile Operators

  • Tele2: The largest mobile network operator in Lithuania with 2.5 million customers.
  • Telia: The second largest mobile operator with 1.8 million customers.
  • Bitė: Bitė is the third player in the Lithuanian mobile market with 1.5 million users.

All of three main Lithuania mobile operators offer 4G/LTE services covering over 99% of the population.

Lithuania Mobile Operators

1.2. Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in Lithuania

Come along with main network providers, Lithuania also has several MVNOs, such as Pigu operates on Tele2, Sekmadienis.It operates on the Telia, Labas on Bite, and some others. Most of them provides a range of mobile services with competitive pricing.

2. How to Choose the Best Mobile Operator in Lithuania

To choose the best Lithuania mobile operators, let’s consider the key factors below carefully.

  • Research the Lithuania mobile operators in advance
  • Look for a provider that offers reliable coverage not only in major cities but also in other areas.
  • Choose operators that provide flexible plans and packages that align with your usage requirements.
  • Compare the pricing between operators before making a decision.
  • Consider any additional features or benefits offered by mobile operators.
  • Confirm the roaming options if you’d like to use and associated costs with your home operator. 
  • Check if the mobile operators in Lithuania offer eSIM services.

3. Best Lithuania Mobile Operators- Detailed Comparison

Here is a detailed overview of Lithuania top mobile operators:

Mobile Operator Market Share Bandwidth Coverage 4G Coverage Objects of Use Average Price (USD)
Bite ~30% 900 MHz Nationwide coverage Available Voice calls, mobile data, SMS, MMS $10 - $30
Tele2 ~30% 900 MHz Nationwide coverage Available Voice calls, mobile data, SMS, MMS $10 - $35
Telia ~40% 800 MHz Nationwide coverage Available Voice calls, mobile data, SMS, MMS $5 - $20

So, in summary, Tele2 excels with pricing and rural coverage, while Telia shines at customer service and family plans and Bitė leads in speeds and technology innovation.

If you would like to use Bite mobile service, you can try Lithuania eSIM operates on this operator from They offer a range of data plans suitable for both short and long trip.

Furthermore, Bite eSIM by is easy to activate by scan a QR code and give you experience the same top-notch service and coverage as Bite’s existing customers.

The Lithuania eSIM plan costs 17.90 USD and gives you 5 GB in Lithuania for 15 days:

4. Where to Buy SIM Card from Lithuania Mobile Operators?

The mobile operators have an expansive retail network across Lithuania consisting of:

  • Brand stores – Located across cities and towns where you can test devices and directly purchase SIM cards or plans after signing contracts.
  • Authorized resellers – Smaller independent stores and booths also selling SIM cards and vouchers of the major providers.
  • Online channels – The providers let you conveniently purchase SIM cards on their websites and partner e-commerce platforms. New eSIM activation is also possible online.
  • Supermarkets – Certain supermarkets like Maxima and Rimi sell operator vouchers that can be used to get prepaid SIM cards.

When purchasing, remember to carry an ID like passport. Often an activation fee applies for new SIM cards. Overall, getting a Lithuanian SIM card is quick and convenient through various channels.

Bite Lithuania mobile operator

5. Do Mobile Operators in Lithuania Offer eSIM?

Yes, Lithuania mobile operators offer eSIM for tourists that allows them to download SIM profiles straight into compatible smart devices without needing physical SIM cards.

Bitė launched eSIM services in 2019, and is taking the lead in adopting eSIM technology.

Check the compatibility of your devices with eSIM in eSIM Compatible Device List.

The eSIM setup process with Bitė is quite straightforward:

  • User selects Bitė eSIM option online
  • Digital SIM profile gets downloaded into device
  • Account activated with plan of choice

Bitė eSIM appeals to those wanting flexibility to easily switch plans or operate dual SIM devices. Other Lithuanian operators are also gearing up to launch eSIM to catch up with Bitė.

Get an eSIM plan from and you’ll be able to use data, apps and maps on your device across Lithuania. offers flexible eSIM plans for 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 10 days and longer, starting from just $6.

6. FAQs about Lithuania Mobile Operators

Which operator has the cheapest monthly plans in Lithuania?

Tele2 has very attractively priced no-ties monthly plans allowing calls, texts and lots of data on a tight budget. Plans start at just €5 per month.

Which operator has the lowest 4G and 5G speeds in Lithuania?

Based on network tests, Tele2 generally delivers slower average 4G speeds compared to Telia and Bitė. For next-gen 5G, only Bitė offers public coverage right now focused on key cities.

Where can tourists easily buy prepaid SIM card in Lithuania?

Prepaid SIM starter packs from the major providers are conveniently available across supermarkets like Maxima, Rimi; as well as smaller top-up shops. Brand stores also sell them but require formal ID verification.

Does any operator in Lithuania offer unlimited data plans?

Truly unlimited data is still rare. However, Bitė has an unlimited data add-on allowing unfettered usage after your pooled data is consumed. Speed is throttled after 100 GB usage per month.

7. Conclusion

Lithuania mobile operators has excellent 4G coverage with rising 5G adoption making mobile connectivity very integral in daily life. When choosing a mobile operator, coverage, speeds and pricing are key selection criteria for most consumers. Evaluate your usage needs whether an individual or family before picking the best Lithuania mobile operator.