Wondering which mobile operators should be chosen when travelling to Lithuania? Bite SIM Cards and eSIM is Lithuania leading mobile operator, comes in handy for travelers. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide tourists visiting Lithuania with key information on Bite SIM cards and eSIM. Read on to make your Lithuanian adventure seamless and stress-free connectivity-wise!

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1. Quick Facts about Bite

Here are some quick facts about Bite, one of the major mobile operator in Lithuania:

  • Founded in 1995
  • Full company name is Bitė Group
  • Operate in the telecommunications sector and provides various services, including mobile telephony. 
  • The second largest mobile network operator in Lithuania
  • Over 2.4 million customers
  • Provides 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G connectivity
  • Owned by Telia Company, a leading Nordic telecom provider
  • Offer prepaid and postpaid phone plans, mobile broadband, roaming and more
  • Has wide 4G coverage reaching 99% of the Lithuanian population
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2. Why Bite When You’re Exploring Lithuania-Coverage and Speed

Choosing the right Bite SIM cards and eSIM when traveling internationally is crucial for good connectivity. 

2.1. Bite Coverage in Lithuania

  • Extensive 4G/LTE Coverage: Bite offers nationwide 4G/LTE coverage reaching 99% of the Lithuanian population. This means you can stay connected with high-speed data throughout your travels, even in smaller towns and remote areas.
  • 5G Network: Bite has launched 5G connectivity in all major Lithuanian cities and towns. If you have a 5G-enabled device, you can experience ultra-fast speeds and enhanced connectivity.
  • Reliable Connectivity: As Lithuania’s second largest operator, the Bite network has extensive capacity to deliver reliable service without congestion or outages. You can depend on connectivity when needed.
  • International Roaming: Bite offers affordable roaming within the EU and also has partnerships worldwide. Continue using your Bite SIM card or eSIM when traveling beyond Lithuania.

2.2. Bite speed

Bite download speed experience
Bite upload speed experience

Based on the Opensignal Mobile Network Experience Report from August 2022:

  • Telia had the fastest overall download speed experience with a score of 63.8 Mbps, followed by Tele2 with a score of 44 Mbps, and BITĖ with a score of 44.2 Mbps.
  • Telia also had the fastest upload speed experience with a score of 15.9 Mbps, followed by BITĖ with a score of 10.1 Mbps.

3. Bite Connectivity Options for Travelers to Lithuania

As a tourist exploring Lithuania, Bite offers two main connectivity options – physical SIM cards and eSIM (digital SIM profiles). Let’s compare their pros and cons.

Connectivity Option Pros Cons
Prepaid SIM Cards - Convenient and widely available - Initial setup may require ID verification
- Offers various data and voice packages - Limited validity period
- Can be purchased at airports, convenience stores, and more - May require unlocking of your device
eSIM - No physical SIM card required - Limited compatibility with older devices
- Easy activation and setup - Limited availability and support from mobile operators
- Can switch between different networks remotely - May require a compatible device
Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots - Provides internet access for multiple devices - Additional device to carry
- Portable and easy to carry - Rental or purchase cost
- Can be rented or purchased - Limited coverage depending on network
International Roaming - Seamless connectivity using your existing mobile number - Can be expensive
- No need to purchase a local SIM card - Data speed and coverage limitations
- Works with most mobile devices - May require activation and additional charges
Public Wi-Fi - Often available in hotels, cafes, and public areas - Security risks and potential data breaches
- Can be cost-effective if free - Limited coverage and speed
  - May require registration or time limits

If your device supports eSIM functionality, it provides added convenience by letting you activate and manage connectivity digitally. With wider eSIM adoption, it is the future of phone plans. But for non eSIM phones” the traditional Bite SIM card is reliable and simple.

4. Best Bite SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

For tourists, Bite’s prepaid SIM cards provide the most flexible and cost-effective option without any long-term contracts or eligibility criteria. Let’s overview the best prepaid plans and pricing for visitors.

Prepaid Plan Data Allowance Calling Minutes SMS Validity Total Cost (EUR)
Bite START 5 GB 500 500 30 days 9.99
Bite M 10 GB Unlimited 500 30 days 14.99
Bite L 20 GB Unlimited 500 30 days 19.99
Bite XL 40 GB Unlimited 500 30 days 29.99
Bite XXL 100 GB Unlimited 500 30 days 39.99
Bite MAX Unlimited Unlimited 500 30 days 49.99

Lithuania Bite SIM cards come with a generous data allowance and a local number, which is important for staying connected while traveling. 

5. Does Bite Support eSIM in Lithuania?

Yes, Bite does offer eSIM support in Lithuania for the latest phones with built-in eSIM such as iPhone 14 series, Google Pixel 7, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and more. Check detailed in eSIM compatibility list

However, currently only postpaid data plans are available with Bite eSIM, not prepaid.

The supported Bite postpaid eSIM packs for tourists and travelers are:

  • Bite Traveler SIM – €9.90 for 7 days
    • 5GB data
    • 100 EU mins
    • Unlimited local calls/texts
  • 1GB for 30 days – €5
  • 3GB for 30 days – €6
  • 10GB for 30 days – €10
  • 20GB for 30 days – €15

If you want to try eSIM service from another provider, come over esimlithuania.net, which offers lots of eSIM data plans for tourist needs. 

Enjoy 7 days of Lithuania data from $6.50. No roaming fees with 1-20GB using the Lithuania eSIM 7 Day Plan. Buy now for hassle-free connectivity during your trip!:

6. Where can You Buy a Bite SIM cards and eSIM?

Here is a quick guide on where and how tourists can purchase a Bite SIM cards and eSIM during their Lithuania visit:

6.1. Where to buy Bite SIM Card

  • Vilnius Airport – Available 24×7 at arrival area kiosks
  • Bite Stores – Located across cities like Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda etc
  • Shopping Malls – Sold at larger grocery/retailer stores
  • Gas Stations – Many gas stations also offer tourist SIMs
  • Newsstands – Local press kiosks have standard prepaid SIMs

6.2. Where to buy Bite eSIM

  • Bite App – Initiate eSIM profile download remotely
  • Bite Website – Order eSIM activation online
  • Supported phones – Scan QR code to activate

So while physical SIM cards offer more purchase options, eSIMs provide quick digital activation through app or website, followed by QR code scanning.

7. How to activate Bite SIM cards and eSIM in Lithuania?

Bite SIM card

Activating your Bite SIM cards and eSIM to start enjoying connectivity is quick and convenient:

7.1. Activating Bite SIM Card

  • Purchase standard or tourist SIM pack from official retail outlets
  • Insert nano-SIM into phone, power on
  • By default it activates automatically with base plan
  • Alternatively, dial *104# then 1 to check balance
  • Recharge suitable data/call/text packs as needed

7.2. Activating Bite eSIM

  • Initiate eSIM activation using Bite app or website
  • Scan QR activation code shown on phone
  • Follow setup prompts to install profile
  • May need device restart to configure eSIM
  • Manage plans / recharge via Bite app or online

Please check your detailed instructions below:

So, while physical SIM cards need a nano-SIM slot, eSIMs require integrated eSIM support and QR code activation. But both provide reliable connectivity within minutes!

8. Lithuania Bite Call & SMS Rates

To help you estimate your calling and messaging usage costs in Lithuania, here are the standard rates with a Bite SIM card or eSIM:

Call Type Rate per Minute (USD)
Bite to Bite $0.06
Bite to Other $0.06
Bite to Landline $0.06
SMS (within LT) $0.06
SMS (international) Varies by country

As you can see, calling or texting locally and within Europe is quite affordable. For regular travelers, unlimited countrywide calling and SMS bundles are sensible.

9. Useful USSD code for Bite SIM cards and eSIM

USSD codes let you check balances or activate services directly without apps or calling customer service. Here are useful Bite Lithuania USSD codes:

  • *104# – Check account balance
  • *105# – Check data balance
  • *123# – Activate roaming package
  • *111# – Call forwarding ON
  • 33# – Check own number

So save these codes to easily monitor usage or enable services using your Bite SIM card in Lithuania.

10. How to top-up Bite SIM cards and eSIM

Maintaining credit and extending validity on your Bite prepaid SIM is important for continuity. Here are the convenient recharge options:

  • Online via credit/debit card
  • Bite prepaid app using payments cards/Google Pay
  • Voucher cards from retail stores and kiosks
  • ATM top-ups available 24×7

You can top-up your main balance which can be used for voice, texts or data. There are also various data packs, unlimited bundles and roaming add-ons to extend usage.

For postpaid plans including eSIM, recharging is done automatically via monthly billing. But prepaid users must manually re-up credit through online payments, vouchers or ATMs which offer flexibility.

11. FAQs about Bite in Lithuania

Here we answer some frequently asked questions tourists have about using Bite SIM cards or eSIM in Lithuania:

Does Bite offer eSIM for tourists?

Yes, Bite has eSIM support but currently only for postpaid plans. The Bite Traveler eSIM at €9.90/7 days is best for tourists.

Can I use 4G with Bite tourist SIM?

Yes, Bite prepaid SIM cards and eSIM provide high-speed 4G/LTE data connectivity supported by all smartphones.

How long is Bite tourist SIM card valid for?

The Bite tourist SIM has a 7-day validity period. You can extend by recharging more credit when required.

Can I use Bite SIM in other Baltic countries?

Yes, Bite offers affordable roaming rates in Latvia and Estonia which you can add via app or USSD.

How do I check data usage on Bite?

Dial *105# USSD code to check your remaining data balance and usage details.

12. Final words

We hope this detailed guide gave you all the key information required to stay connected seamlessly and affordably across Lithuania using Bite’s prepaid SIM card or postpaid eSIM. Their strong coverage, speedy 4G/5G connectivity, and great value plans provide piece of mind during your exciting travels. Most importantly, with your digital companion from Bite ready, you can now focus on creating wonderful Lithuanian memories rather than worrying about mobile connectivity!