Traveling to Lithuania and need connectivity? Get a Tele2 SIM cardS and eSIM. Tele2 is one of the top mobile operators in Lithuania with great coverage, speeds and prices. This guide covers everything you need to know about getting Tele2 service as a tourist.

Tele2 SIM cards and eSIM

1. Quick Facts About Tele2 Lithuania

Tele2 operates in the field of mobile and fixed communications, it is an Internet service provider, television operator, retailer. Tele2 is the largest mobile communications operator in Lithuania by turnover and number of customers (there are more than 1.8 million subscribers).

  • Founded in 1998.
  • The full company name is Tele2 AB.
  • Tele2 provides a range of mobile services, including voice calls, mobile data, SMS, and MMS. 
  • More than 1.8 million subscribers
  • Tele2 has nationwide coverage in Lithuania, including major cities, towns, and rural areas.
  • Provide customer support through various channels, including online chat, email, and social media.
  • Has 99% population coverage in Lithuania
  • Good speeds up to 150 Mbps with 4G/LTE
  • Low cost prepaid SIM cards and data packages
  • eSIM support available
  • Mobile calls to EU numbers for as low as 4.9 euro cents per minute

So, if you need connectivity on your Lithuania trip, Tele2 is an excellent choice. 

Tele2 SIM Cards and eSIM

2. Lithuania Tele2 Coverage and Speed

Before getting Tele2 SIM cards and eSIM in Lithuania, it’s good to understand their network coverage and speeds across the country.

2.1. Tele2 coverage in Lithuania

Tele2 coverage map

Tele2 coverage map

According to Opensignal’s September 2022 Mobile Network Experience Report, Tele2 shared the Availability award with BITĖ and Telia, indicating that users did not observe any significant difference in their network connection experience on the three national operators’ networks. 

The operators had scores of 95.9-97.9% in terms of the proportion of time users were connected to a 3G or better signal. Tele2 provided a better 4G coverage experience compared to the other operators.

So you can stay connected with fast speeds almost everywhere in Lithuania with Tele2 as your mobile operator. Data connectivity is excellent in Vilnius, Klaipėda and other tourist destinations.

2.2. Tele2 speed

tele2 download speed experience
Tele2 upload speed experience

Opensignal’s September 2022 Mobile Network Experience Report states that:

  • Tele 2 Download Speed Experience: Tele2’s Download Speed Experience score was 44 Mbps, placing them in second place behind Telia. Telia won the Download Speed Experience award with a score of 63.8 Mbps. Tele2’s download speed was 19.9 Mbps (45.2%) slower than Telia’s.
  • Tele 2 Upload Speed Experience: Tele2 achieved a score of 10.1 Mbps for Upload Speed Experience, while BITĖ had a score of 15.9 Mbps, and Telia had a score of 10.1 Mbps. Tele2’s upload speed was 5.8 Mbps (57.2%) slower than BITĖ’s.

3. Tele2 Connectivity Options for Travelers to Lithuania

As a tourist visiting Lithuania, you have multiple options to get Tele2 service for calls, texts and data:

Connectivity Option Description
Tele2 SIM Card It offers reliable network coverage and is widely available throughout the country. It can be used in various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and mobile routers.
Tele2 eSIM eSIM offers the convenience of remotely activating a new line or switching between different operators without changing physical SIM cards. It eliminates the need for a physical SIM card slot in compatible devices.
Tele2 Public Wi-Fi Public Wi-Fi can be a convenient option for accessing the internet in areas with Wi-Fi coverage, such as cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, and public spaces.
Tele2 Mobile Data Plans Tele2 offers a range of mobile data plans tailored to different needs. Tele2's mobile data plans can be purchased as prepaid or postpaid options, providing flexibility and cost control.

Both prepaid SIM and eSIM make it easy for tourists get Tele2 connectivity quickly in Lithuania. Keep reading for more details on the best deals, packages and prices.

4. Best Tele2 SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Let’s look at the best SIM card options from Tele2 Lithuania for tourists and visitors:

Prepaid Plan Price (USD) Data Allowance Calling Features Roaming Options Validity
Tele2 Prepaid 1GB $5.99 1GB National calls: 0.03 USD/min EU roaming: Yes 30 days
Tele2 Prepaid 3GB $11.99 3GB National calls: 0.03 USD/min EU roaming: Yes 30 days
Tele2 Prepaid 6GB $17.99 6GB National calls: 0.03 USD/min EU roaming: Yes 30 days
Tele2 Prepaid 12GB $23.99 12GB National calls: 0.03 USD/min EU roaming: Yes 30 days
Tele2 Prepaid 20GB $35.99 20GB National calls: 0.03 USD/min EU roaming: Yes 30 days
Tele2 Prepaid 30GB $53.99 30GB National calls: 0.03 USD/min EU roaming: Yes 30 days
Tele2 Prepaid 50GB $89.99 50GB National calls: 0.03 USD/min EU roaming: Yes 30 days

Overall, Tele2 prepaid SIM and tourist eSIM provide excellent connectivity value in Lithuania.

5. Does Tele2 Lithuania Support eSIM?

Yes, Tele2 Lithuania does offer eSIM support for iPhone and Android smartphones including newer Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel devices. If you have an eSIM phone and want to try it, read on for details in eSIM Compatible Device List.

Using eSIM means you don’t need find and insert a plastic SIM card to get service. It’s all managed through the app.

One possibility is to explore the Lithuania eSIM offered by, which operates on Bite’s network and provides access to multiple plans. 

And when visiting Lithuania again in future, you can reuse the same Tele2 eSIM by downloading a data pack again through app any time.

6. Where Can You Buy a Tele2 SIM Cards and eSIM?

You have multiple options to purchase Tele2 SIM cards and eSIM in Lithuania:

tele2 SIM cards and eSIM store

6.1. Prepaid SIM Card Locations:

  • Tele2 Stores: Tele2 has its own retail stores located in major cities and towns across Lithuania. You can visit a Tele2 store and purchase a SIM card directly from their sales representatives. 
  • Retail Partners: Tele2 SIM cards are often available at authorized retail partners, including electronics stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores.
  • Online: Tele2 SIM cards can be purchased online through Tele2’s official website or e-commerce platforms. 

6.2. eSIM Purchase Online:

  • Tele2 Stores: Start by checking with Tele2’s official retail stores in Lithuania. 
  • Tele2 Website: Check Tele2’s official website for information on eSIM availability and purchase options. 
  • Mobile Network Providers: Contact other mobile network providers in Lithuania, such as

So getting either a prepaid SIM or eSIM from Tele2 Lithuania is quick and convenient for tourists.

If not getting SIM card at airport or hotel, visiting any Tele2 branded store will enable picking up cheap prepaid SIM pack.

7. How to Activate Tele2 SIM Cards and eSIM

Telia sim card and eSIM

Activating your new Tele2 SIM cards and eSIM is very easy:

7.1. For Prepaid SIM Card:

  • Get Starter Pack with SIM card
  • Insert into phone
  • Works instantly without registration

7.2. For Tele2 eSIM:

  • Install eSIM app from store
  • Choose plan and enter ID details
  • Scan passport with app camera
  • Download eSIM and activation happens automatically
  • Ready to use Tele2 Lithuania eSIM!

Please check your detailed instructions below:

So, both prepaid SIM and eSIM options activate quickly without hassles for tourists visiting Lithuania.

8. Lithuania Tele2 Call & SMS Rates

Lithuania Tele2 SIM cards and eSIM for tourists come with affordable standard rates when activated:

Call Type Rate (per minute)
National Calls (to Lithuania) $0.03 USD
International Calls (to select countries) Rates vary depending on the country.
Incoming Calls (in Lithuania) Free
SMS (to Lithuania) $0.03 USD
International SMS (to select countries) Rates vary depending on the country. 
Incoming SMS (in Lithuania) Free

So calling locally or throughout Europe is very cheap if buying base packages.

Many tourist SIMs and eSIMs come with free unlimited Lithuania minutes bundles as well which is great for local calls.

9. Useful USSD Codes for Tele2 SIM Cards and eSIM

Here are some useful USSD check codes for your Tele2 Lithuania prepaid SIM:

  • *100# – Check balance
  • *101# – Check data balance
  • *105# – Check minutes used
  • *123# – Check validity

You can also call 1818 or login to Tele2 app for account info.

10. How to Top-up Lithuania Tele2 SIM Cards and eSIM

When balance runs low, easy to recharge your Tele2 SIM/eSIM using:

  • Tele2 prepaid cards from stores – enter code
  • Link credit/debit card for auto top-up in-app
  • Bank transfer
  • Top-up ATM machines around Lithuania
  • Vouchers from kiosks

So multiple convenient ways to add more credit to Tele2 SIM without issues.

11. Alternatives to Lithuania Tele2

Looking for other options beyond Tele2 in Lithuania?

These providers also offer prepaid SIMs and tourist eSIMs:

  • Telia – Leading alternative, wide coverage
  • Bite – Fast 4G speeds
  • MEZON – Low cost calls and data
  •–  Offers eSIM packages that enable you to maintain connectivity in Lithuania without the need to replace your physical SIM card.

Lithuania eSIM 7-Day Plan lets you use up to 3GB of data per day for 7 days. Prices start from just $6.50/day: 

Get 15 days of unlimited high-speed data to use as much as you want while traveling across Lithuania. Stay seamlessly connected for only $6.50/day: 

However Tele2 generally has better prices for tourists and visitors to Lithuania needing connectivity.

But check other providers as well if looking for niche offerings like unlimited data plans. Some may have special discounts going on.

12. FAQs about Tele2 in Lithuania

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Tele2 mobile service in Lithuania:

Is Tele2 coverage good in rural Lithuania?

Yes, Tele2 covers 99% of the population including rural areas via its expanding 4G and 3G networks. Speed in villages is around 15 Mbps.

Does Tele2 Lithuania offer 5G service?

5G rollout has started in key cities like Vilnius and Kaunas with over 90% population coverage targeted in next 2 years for Tele2 5G network.

Does Tele2 SIM work in Latvia/Estonia?

Yes, Tele2 has roaming agreements across Baltic region so your Lithuania SIM card will also work in Latvia and Estonia. But extra roaming charges apply outside home country.

Is ID required to buy SIM card?

No ID needed for tourists SIM packs. But some registration needed for long-term residential plans.
So in summary, strong Tele2 service across Lithuania and no hassles or identification requirements get prepaid SIMs or short-term tourist eSIM plans.

13. Final Words

Hope this guide has provided complete information for visitors considering getting a Tele2 mobile connection while traveling across amazing Lithuania. With great coverage, speeds and low rates – Tele2 prepaid SIMs and tourist eSIM cards are an excellent choice during your trip. So, enjoy low-cost connectivity along with beautiful Lithuanian countryside, heritage cities and Baltic beaches! Stay in touch affordably with Tele2.