Staying connected to the internet while traveling has become an essential aspect of modern-day tourism. Whether it’s for navigating unfamiliar destinations, sharing experiences with friends and family, or staying on top of work emails, having access to a reliable mobile internet connection can make all the difference. 

Lithuania, a captivating Baltic nation, offers various options for staying connected during your visit. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the details of mobile internet coverage, speeds, connection options, budgeting considerations, and the best mobile operators in Lithuania, helping you make an informed decision for your connectivity needs.

Mobile Internet in Lithuania

I. Mobile Internet Coverage and Speed in Lithuania

Lithuania has made significant strides in expanding its mobile network infrastructure, ensuring comprehensive coverage across the country. The three major mobile operators, Telia, Bite, and Tele2, have invested heavily in building robust 4G LTE networks that blanket most populated areas, including cities, towns, and major highways.

1. Lithuania Mobile Internet Coverage

All three main operators in Lithuania (BITĖ, Tele2, and Telia) share the new Availability award, which measures the proportion of time users had a 3G or better connection. Tele2 remains the sole winner of the 4G Coverage Experience award, scoring 8.3 out of 10 points compared to Telia’s 7.9 points.

Availability scores for the operators ranged from 95.9-97.9%, indicating most users had a connection most of the time across the networks. 4G Coverage Experience measures mobile coverage experience in locations that matter most to users, considering usage patterns and number of visitors to locations.

Lithuania Mobile Internet Coverage
Source: Lithuania Mobile Internet Coverage

2. Lithuania Mobile Internet Speed

In March 2024, Lithuania ranked 17th globally for mobile speeds, up 18 spots from the previous ranking. The median download speed in Lithuania was 182.95 Mbps, while the median upload speed was 22.86 Mbps.

In the previous reporting period (December 2023), Lithuania’s mobile ranking was 14th globally. The median mobile download speed then was 118.49 Mbps with a median upload speed of 16.75 Mbps and latency of 21ms.

Telia delivered the fastest median mobile download speed in Lithuania of 116.58 Mbps according to Speedtest Intelligence data. Telia also had the highest consistency for mobile speeds, with 94.7% of tests above the minimum thresholds.

Lithuania Mobile Internet Speed
Source: Lithuania Mobile Internet Speed

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II. Mobile Internet in Lithuania: Connection options for tourists

Here is a table comparing connectivity options for travelers to Lithuania:

Connectivity OptionProsConsPrice Range (USD)
Free WiFiNo costSlow speeds, limited data, privacy/security concerns$0
Pocket WiFiPortable hotspot, connects multiple devicesData costs, device rental fees$5-15/day
eSIMEasy setup on compatible deviceLimited carrier options, may not work on older phones$10-30/month
SIM CardInexpensive data plans, flexibilityNeed separate device, setup fees$10-30 for data package
RoamingUses existing planHigher costs than local plan, data charges$0.25-2+/MB, unlimited plans $50+/day

ESIM or local SIM cards provide the best balance of affordability, coverage and ease of use for tourist connectivity needs in Lithuania. Buying an eSIM from would likely be the best connectivity option for tourists visiting Lithuania. The main reasons are:

  • It offers a wide range of prepaid data packages at affordable prices starting from $3.50 for 3 days, allowing flexibility to choose the duration needed.
  • eSIM setup is convenient without having to switch physical SIM cards. Activation is instant through scanning a QR code.
  • Device compatibility is good as it supports most major brands like iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixeletc.
  • Fast 4G/LTE speeds provide reliable connectivity throughout Lithuania.
  • No roaming charges within Lithuania unlike using a foreign SIM or roaming directly.
  • Customer support is available via multiple channels for assistance.

Overall, provides a simple, cost-effective and compatible way for travelers to stay online in Lithuania through eSIM. This makes it the best choice compared to other connectivity options.

Skip the Roaming Surprise - Get Connected with

III. Budgeting for Mobile Data Costs in Lithuania

If you’re planning a trip to Lithuania, it’s important to budget for mobile data costs while traveling. With the right planning, you can stay connected without going over budget.

Estimating Your Data Needs

The amount of data you need depends on how you use your phone and how long you’re traveling. As a general guide:

  • 3-5 days trip: 1-2GB should suffice for basic browsing, maps and messaging.
  • 1 week trip: 3-5GB allows for light video streaming and social media usage.
  • 2 weeks+ trip: 8-10GB provides flexibility for regular video calls, photography uploads and entertainment streaming.

Longer trips or heavy users may find comfort with 15 GB+ packages. Consider your past usage patterns to choose the right allowance.

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Comparing eSIM Plans from

A reliable and affordable option is prepaid eSIM packages from They offer great nationwide coverage without roaming charges.

Some example packages include:

  • 3 days package: 1-20GB for $3.50-117.98.
  • 7 days package: 1-20GB for $3.71-120.16
  • 14 days package with data & voice: 8GB or 20GB plus free calls for $21.90-43.90
  • 28 days package with 50GB data and free calls for $54.90

Go with the duration matching your trip length and buy extra data if needed. The flexible plans allow you to stay within your mobile budget in Lithuania.

Lithuania eSIM 3 Days
Lithuania eSIM 3 Days
From $3.50
Lithuania eSIM 7 Days
Lithuania eSIM 7 Days
From $3.71
Lithuania eSIM 14 Days
Lithuania eSIM 14 Days
From $21.90
Lithuania eSIM 28 Days
Lithuania eSIM 28 Days
From $54.90

IV. Best mobile operators in Lithuania

Lithuania has three major mobile operators that provide nationwide coverage and a range of data plans. Here’s an overview of each operator to help you make an informed choice:

OperatorPrice Range for Prepaid SIMDataAdditional Features
Bitė$10.79 – $18.791-10 GBFree calls/SMS within network
Tele2$2.24 – $6.921-5 GBRoaming in EU/EEA, WiFi hotspots
Telia$9.84 – $17.791-8 GBDiscounts on home services, Roaming in EU/EEA

Considering its competitive prices, sufficient data packages, inclusion of free calls/SMS and wide network reach, Bitė would be my recommended choice for travelers looking for a prepaid SIM card in Lithuania.


Is internet access easily available across the country?

Yes, high-speed internet is widely available throughout Lithuania. Fiber coverage extends to most urban/suburban areas, while 4G mobile networks cover over 99% of the population for wireless connectivity. Remote rural regions may have lower speeds

Is public WiFi secure to use?

Most public WiFi networks are generally insecure. It’s safer to use a VPN app when connecting to public WiFi spots to encrypt data and browse privately. Always avoid using public WiFi for sensitive online activities like banking.

Are there data limits or extra charges when roaming in the EU?

No, since Lithuania is part of the EU, mobile data roaming is free across all other EU/EEA nations at home network rates and data limits. Travelers do not pay any extra fees for using their existing plan while visiting Lithuania or other EU countries.

Are there any taxes on internet/data usage?

No, there are no taxes charged separately on home/mobile internet or data usage in Lithuania for personal use. Prices advertised by providers are all-inclusive.

What should I do if I encounter network coverage issues?

If you experience poor network coverage or connectivity issues, you can contact the customer support of your mobile operator for assistance. They may provide troubleshooting tips or investigate potential network problems in your area.

VI. Conclusions

By familiarizing yourself with the mobile internet landscape in Lithuania and following the tips and recommendations provided in this guide, you can make informed decisions to stay connected seamlessly during your visit. With eSIM of, you can choose the most suitable method based on your stay duration and data requirements. Budgeting for mobile data costs is essential to avoid unexpected charges, and considering factors like data plan pricing.